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My paintings have a significance for the future.

Doctorate in fine arts from Kanpur University, I have participated in more than 70 shows in India and abroad. I translate my emotions through bright colours and shades on canvas paintings and paper with acrylic and water colour.

I mainly paint abstract and semi abstract where my inner conscience can easily get expressed through the medium of colours. I expresses soft and vulnerable feelings through the subject of nature and put forth my imagination enveloped in colours through technical medium.

My paintings, my creations depict my influence derived from my feelings and experience from life, atmosphere and nature.

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Corporate paintings

Abstract, canvas and modern art paintings that will make your sphere more attractive


Mrs. Amrit Kapoor's modern art paintings and canvas paintings have a significance for the future

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My Philosophy

I always cherish the moment when I receive benedictions from my loved ones and wish that they would come to fruition. My paintings exude positivity and would be a source of immense pleasure to me if they prove to be benevolent and spread 'blessings in disguise.'

My paintings encompass togetherness, love, compassion and empathy towards one and all. They focus on encouraging the people to internalize peace within, shun the materialistic goals and aim for soul purification through a constant touch with nature and mankind.

Peace within reflects in our conduct towards others. Peace and positivity go hand in glove. Positive vibes in the environment result in a constructive society, a utopian world that I have always dreamt about, but I know it's not far away. All we need to do is to be positive and spread positivity and that is what is demonstrated through my paintings.

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