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Doctorate in fine arts from Kanpur University, I have participated in more than 70 shows in India and abroad. I translate my emotions through bright colours and shades on canvas and paper with acrylic and water colour

I mainly paint abstract and semi abstract where my inner conscience can easily get expressed through the medium of colours. I expresses soft and vulnerable feelings through the subject of nature and put forth my imagination enveloped in colours through technical medium.

My painting, my creations depict my influence derived from my feelings and experience from life, atmosphere and nature.

To be successful by hard work and determination.

Two and a half-year experience in Delhi Public School as an Art & Craft and Dance teacher.
   One year experience in Dreamland School as senior adviser in Arts, Decoration and Dance.

Educational Qualification
Ph.D. in drawing & painting from Kanpur University.
Post Graduate in drawing & painting from Kanpur University with 1st Div.
Graduation from Kanpur University with 1st Div.
Alankar in Kathak dance from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Maha Vidhyalaya Mandal Miraz (Bombay).

Won Gold Medal in painting from Agnipath All India Art Competition & Exhibition 2006.
Painting (Sam Parvesh), Awarded for the 2nd Northern Region Art Exhibition organized by Camlin Art   Foundation. 2002.
Won Gold Medal & Best Art Teacher Award & Merit Certificate in All India Child Art Contest. Organized by   Ankur Art Home (Faridabad. Haryana). 2002 & 2001.
Won Vishista Acharaya Puraskar in Young Stars Association RAJAHMUNDRY. (U.P.) 2001.
Won Best Art Teacher Award in Ulichna Art Foundation (Patiala, Punjab) 2001.
8th State Level Philatic Exhibition "UPHILEX" 99 for a special cover issued by Chief Post Master General (U.P.).

Summer Sojourn by Art Nouveau in Epi Center, Apprrel House, Gurgaon on 12th & 13th May 2012.
International MASK Exhibition 2012 by Nav Siddhartha Group in Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi, 1st Jan 2012, &   in Nodia, 12th Feb 2012, & in Bhopal, Feb 2012, & in Saket Mall 23rd April 2012, in Perugia, ITALY, 1st to 14th Nov   2012.
'SAMBODHAN' festival of Modern & Contemporary Art, by Chitrashilp Fine Arts Society, Meerut, Jan, 2011.
AUTUMN@CWG 2010, All India Competation & Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings, by GalleryIndraprastha,   New Delhi, Oct, 2010.
AUTUMN@CWG 2010, AzadBhawan, ITO, New Delhi, Sep, 2010.
1st All India Women Artist Exhibition STREE by B.R.J.Foundation, in Art Mall, Delhi, on 8th March, 09.
KHUSHI INDIA ON CANVAS at Embassy of France, New Delhi,08.
INDIAN STROKES a myriad of art by KHUSHII at The Park, Bangalore in May 08.
Painting selected for exhibition 7th northern reagion art exhibition organized by Camlin Art Foundation March   07.
10th Annual Art Exhibition by Bank of Punjab in Dec'06.
Summer Art Show Lalit Kala Akademy Regional Center Ghari, New Delhi 2006.
A group Exhibition of Fifty Women Artist,`HER CANVAS` on International Womens Day 8th March 2006, at   Lokayata Mulk Raj Anand Center, New Delhi.
Regional art Exhibition Lucknow –2005.
State Lalit Kala Academy Exhibition Lucknow - 2004.
Kalankan Prayas 4th All India Art Exhibition Dhanbad 2004.
70th All India Exhibition of Arts, The Indian Academy of Fine Arts Amritsar May 2004.
Srajan Lalit Kala Sansthan, Samastipur Bihar, Sep. 2003.
A.I.F.A.C.S. State Level Painting Exhibition - 2003.
6th & 7th All India Inter D.P.S. Art Exhibition & Art Teachers corner organized by Delhi Public School (Ranipur,   Haridwar) 2001 & 2000.
Avantika International Art Exhibition 2000.(Annual Award)
Kala Mela 99 organized by State Lalit Kala Academy, Kanpur.
Merit listed in Avantika Delhi 7th. All India Art Exhibition 1999.
Avantika Delhi 6th All India Art Exhibition 1998.
State Lalit Kala Academy 21st Varshik Kala Pradarshini-1998.

1st All India Women Artist Workshop by B.R.J.Foundation, Delhi on 16th to 20th March 09.
Painting workshop "DEVATMA Himalaya Sanraksha" by Vishwa samwad Bhartiya Lucknow 2003.
Painting Work Shop on Kargil in Kanpur(Operation Vijay Ka Samman 1999).
Paryavaran Srajnatmak Karyashala Kanpur1998.

State Lalit Kala Academy, U.P. 2003-04.
Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi 05-06.

SBI head Office Lucknow & many private collections in India and Abroad.

Extra Achievements in Dance
Passed Visharad & Alankar in 1st Div. from A.B.G.M.V. Bombay 1999.
Won 2nd Prize in Semi Classical Dance in all India Annual Inter Collegate Cultural Festival Antaragini at IIT,   Kanpur 1998.
Won 1st Prize in Semi Classical Dance in All India Annual Inter Collegate Cultural Festival Antaragini At IIT   Kanpur, 1996.
Won Best Dancer Award organized by Kanpur Junior Chamber 1996, Facilitated by Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyartiya   Parishad for securing highest in Vocal Music, 1996.

Extra Curricular Activities
Ex- President Rotract Club Kanpur 1998-1999.
Active Member of UP working Artist Association.
Active Member of 'Nishtha' Yog Group from-2007, Delhi.

Date of Birth 8 th August 1977


Random Thought

Imagine all the people living life in peace.
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us,
And the world will be as one……
The Utopian World.

I always cherish the moment when I receive benedictions from my loved ones and wish that they would come to fruition. My paintings exude positivity and would be a source of immense pleasure to me if they prove to be benevolent and spread 'blessings in disguise.'

My paintings encompass togetherness, love, compassion and empathy towards one and all.

Media Coverage

In terms of media This painting was achieved by painting a red to orange gradient onto the canvas with acrylic paint

Most of her recent paintings show the success and achievement in their style of visualization. Amrit's Paintings have blend of graphic sensibility, freely abstract way of seeing things thought this surrealistic view of expression, and transfiguration of new imaginary nature.

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