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Umar Ujala
New Delhi - 17-Aug
Kuchi se nikhare nature ke sungah[...]

Open Palm Court Gallery
The Utopian World, solo show paintings by Amrit Kapoor[...]

The Indian Express
Epaper Editions
Creaivity Art Gallery Presents "The Utopian World"[...]

Delhi Events
Open Palm Court gallery (HIC)
Creaivity Art Gallery Presents "The Utopian World" [...]

Hindustan Time
New Delhi -18-Auguest
Nature ke color ko dikha rahi Painting[...]

The Utopian world
Monday, April 2014
The Utopian World, solo show paintings by Amrit Kapoor [...]

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The India Express
April 25 - 30

"The Utopian world" exhibits artist Amrit Kapoor's works based on the thematic concept of Utopia, the idealised and perfact space where human imagination blends with human values. Her paintings are replate with spiritual connotations and consist in bright colours and biomorphic subjects with dream-like tonality.

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In terms of media This painting was achieved by painting a red to orange gradient onto the canvas with acrylic paint
Most of her recent paintings show the success and achievement in their style of visualization. Amrit's Paintings have blend of graphic sensibility, freely abstract way of seeing things thought this surrealistic view of expression, and transfiguration of new imaginary nature.

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